The fine wines of the Tenuta Cafaggiolo boast a noble lineage.

Winemaking on the Cafaggiolo estate dates back to 1465 when Lorenzo de’Medici planted the original vines on the historic vineyards of the Podere Fortuna.

We proudly salute the long tradition of winemaking in this area and as the great Lorenzo wrote in a 1490 carnival song, Viva Bacco e viva Amore!

Surrounded by scenic Tuscan hills that fold into a succession of unique landscapes, the vineyards of Tenuta Cafaggiolo produce elegant wines with a deep respect for the valley of Mugello. The region’s climate offers perfect ripening conditions for Pinot Nero, thanks to the contrast in temperature between day and night.

Production is being converted to organic, with vineyards planted mainly with Pinot Nero and a small acreage of Chardonnay. Fermentation employs only natural yeast and all the red wines are fermented in oak vats. To ensure premium quality, the wines are then aged in small barrels and to preserve their natural bouquet, none of the wines are filtered.

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Organic viticulture produces better quality fruit and ultimately better quality wine. We are a biodynamic vineyard. We treat our process as one whole entity. We protect our land by eliminating the use of pesticides, only using natural fertilisers such as reused grape-skins to nourish our soils.

We continue to nurture a respectful relationship with nature, taking our passion for the environment one step further with the installation of a photovoltaic system for green electricity.